A Spaceman on an Earth mission. Left behind.


The long stretches of empty space between drop points are rife with danger. The danger of silence so oppressive it crushes minds. The danger of violent savages who scan the waypoints for lone travelers. And most of all, the danger of losing one’s way, and floating off until supplies or sanity reach an end.

Floating lost on the edges of civilization, hope was kindled as his ship burst into flames falling into Earth’s atmosphere. He fell, crash landed in a swamp outside Nouvelle Orleans, and found himself marooned with no response to his distress beacon. After waiting too long for rescue, he started to wander across America.

As his mind mixed with those on Earth, ideas, sounds and songs began to flow. Music that is from this world, but made by a man from far away.

Sounds like: Postal Service, Toro y Moi, Andrew Bird, Tune-Yards, Dan Deacon, LCD Soundsystem, Gnarls Barkley.

On Community Records, a New Orleans record label.

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Sundog Gets Superstitious: “He’s a one-man band who builds his tracks himself by looping parts. As a result, many tracks are more groove than song, but the dub-like addition and subtraction of parts keeps them from going static as the textures are in subtle, constant motion. Their roots are in EDM and funk, so the hypnotic groove is its own reward in those songs.” My Spilt Milk, Alex Rawls

Sundog Touches Down in Boston: “Our latest Artist of the Month is an astronaut with a loop pedal. Are you intrigued yet? Filmed in Boston, Sundog’s latest live video for “The Prairie” finds him sitting comfy in a city basement with a ukulele, microphone, drum machine and his signature looper (and, lest I forget, a bottle of Jameson nearby). ” – The Deli Magazine, Jake Reed

Sundog In the Land of Never: “Sundog was one of those who were able to get into Riederer’s studio, and on Friday hereleased an mp3 version of “Hold Steady,” the song he cut at Never Records. The track, a moody rumble defined by Sundog’s bass and looped electronics that add texture and density more than definable parts, was the product of a session on the Saturday night before Halloween. He wore his full stage gear to the session.” – My Spilt Milk, Alex Rawls

Music In Brief: New Orleans’ Sundog is a one-man band who loops multiple instruments (a la Andrew Bird or Keller Williams) to create lush symphonies of sound that swallow the listener with strong grooves.

Using a bass, ukulele, synthesizer, sampler, and a multitude of effects, Sun Dog manages to craft interesting, catchy songs that most bands strive for but never quite achieve. Case in point: “Waiting For You” starts with a catchy sample, builds up with infectious bass lines, and is topped off with Sun Dog’s expressive voice to convey a sense of longing in a refreshingly unique way. Follow him @sundogshows and catch him around town ASAP. –, Shane Coleman

Pick of the Week: Get there early for Sundog, one of the the city’s most innovative and exciting artists, as he creates intricate songs out of thin air using loop pedals, samples, and his versatile voice.